• APPLICATION: Artists who are interested in participating in the symposium can apply. Required: CV, portfolio, website…
    The selection for participation is made by the organization. Applications will be considered until the end of June of the respective year.
  • CONTACT: Wolfgang Horwath
    +43 664 7655 193
    +43 3356 7763
  • ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE: The trip must be organized by each artist themselves. We will organize a transfer from Graz airport or Graz main train station.
    For this we need:
    Arrival time (with flight number or train number) and arrival location. The return travel dates are also required.
    Day of arrival: 12.9. 2024
    Day of departure: 22.9. 2024
  • ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation is in double rooms in Neumarkt an der Raab and is organized and financed by us. If you want a single room, you have to cover the additional costs of €10 per night yourself, although we can only guarantee this depending on availability!!!!
  • FOOD:
    We also provide meals. If you would like vegetarian food, please let us know.
    For press work and documentation, we ask every artist for a CV. (900 characters including spaces). We also ask that you send us illustrative material: photos, videos, CDs, etc.
    The annual symposium has one theme. The artists are expected to refer to the topic. At least one work created as part of the symposium should be available to the “eu-art-network” association for planned exhibitions. The artists remain in possession of their works. The work can be returned after two or three years, although the transport costs and liability must be borne by each artist themselves. The works can also be offered for sale. In the event of a sale, 25% goes to the “eu-art-network” association.
    You must bring your own basic equipment such as brushes, small tools, special painting materials, etc. Canvases, drawing paper and also primer and paint materials are provided on site. Special material requirements must be clarified in advance with the area manager.
  • SIZE of the ARTWORK: Since we are planning exhibitions with the pictures and sculptures in the coming years, we ask you to consider the associated transport. For this reason, the works should not exceed the following sizes:
  • Image: In the size range of max. 160 x 120 cm
  • Sculpture: In the size range of max. 50 x 50 x 120 cm, max. 10 kg

  • Coordinator:
    Horst Horvath, +43 664 3581489, email:

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