Flora Eszter Sarlos [HU]

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zum Symposium 2014 »

»Embarassing comfort«  2014,
Installation und Tanz
Klanginstallation Bassam Halaka

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Contemporary dancer, choreographer from Budapest. Study of dance (contemporary, jazz, ballet) in Budapest and in Toulouse. For 3 years working with the company Zero Ballet and its choreographer, Gyula Berger. Actually participating as a dancer in the international project »Hopes and Memories« to create a contemporary opera with a french director, Laurent Festas. Work on projects that involve artists from different fields as musicians, filmmakers, visual or media artists. Own dance piece »Influensation« in Budapest, performance serie, »Zikkurat Projekt« with other young artists to connect contemporary dance to cultural places like book stores, museums, cinemas, galeries, etc.

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