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»DURCH« Eine Studie DURCH die Wesendonck-Lieder von Richard Wagner (UA)

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alias Nicoletta Magalotti italian with austrian mother was born in Rimini in 1962. Multifaceted artist of the indipendent scene has delevoped a personal language between music and performance. In 1997 she created the  signature NicoNote which became in 2010 NicoNote Dream Action the name of her Company based between Italy and France. Her path in Theatre and Music went through important meetings with different teachers like Yoshi Oida, François Tanguy, Gabriella Bartolomei, Woytek Krukosky. Inventor of non conventional spaces and events, experimenter of sounds she created in the ’90 the art space called Morphine , inside of the club Cocoricò. As actress she worked with severals directors such as Romeo Castellucci/Societas Raffaello Sanzio, Patricia Allio , Francesco Micheli, Maurizio Fiume. A rich discography crosses her route from the ’80 till today, under various spseudonyms like Violet Eves , historical new wave band of which shewas the singer, or AND, Dippy site , Slick Station. She collaborated also with Piero Pelù, Teresa De Sio, Mauro Pagani, Mikael Plunian, Geoffrey Charey, Katja Fleig, Pole Folder and others. Recently she presented her concert/performance Rhapsody (or Alphabet Dream) at the Foundation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain of Paris.

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