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Jana Vöröšová [CZ]

Zum Symposium 2013
entstandene Komposition
Jana Vöröšová »

»Raven and the sea«
(für Bläsertrio und Elektronik) (UA)

Biographisches zu Jana Vöröšová »

Born 1980, Jana Vorosova started her compositional studies at the Prague Conservatoire (with Bohuslav Rehor), then she continued on at the Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts (with Vaclav Riedlbauch, completed in 2006). She spent a year at the Brussels Royal Conservatory where she got acquainted with the latest technologies of electronic sound processing as well as with the various analytic methods. She participated at workshops of world-renowned composers and regularly had classes with eminent Belgian composers. She also spent three months in residence at IRCAM in Paris. She collaborates with other artists not only within the field of music but also in dance, film literature and theatre. She is a member of Prague Cathedral Choir that concentrates on music of Rennaissance and Baroque period. Her compositions were performed at various festivals – Orfeo (SR), Prague Premieres (CR), Festival Citta di Castello (IT) or Festival Calliope (FR). Since her childhood she has been singing in a choir. She is currently a member of the Prague Cathedral Choir the repertory of which is focused mainly on music of Renaissance and Baroque period. Her latest orchestral composition Gulliver\‘s Travel was inspired by the book of Jonathan Swift. It was premiered by the Chamber Orchestra Berg (on 5 March 2007), and published on the CD \‘NUBERG 2007\‘ (as a supplement of magazine His Voice 2008/1). She took part in the composition competition NUBERG 09 with her latest orchestral work The Raven and the Sea, (premiered by the Berg Orchestra on 8th June 2009), and she was awarded the First prize and won also the prize of listeners.

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