Adam Coogan [FR]

Zum Symposium 2012
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Adam Coogan, »Babel«, 2012, Installation, Foto © Hans Wetzelsdorfer
»Babel«, 2012, Installation

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Born from an irish father and an american mother that met in Paris, I was always bathed in a multicultural environment. From a very early age, I was introduced to the world of arts by having an artist mother that was at all times taking me to art galleries and museums around France and Texas. At the age of 12, I started playing music in an improvisation formation, with different musicians until the age of 15 when I started a trio, that still functions to this day. 15 was also the age where I started drawing in High-school classes I didn‘t care much about. That gave me a lot of practice and desire to continue designing forms wich intrigued me. I then went on to learn computer graphics design and animation in Paris, studies I have been following for two years now.

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